Exploring What Matters

Science Backed
Action for Happiness Course

The Exploring What Matters,
January 2022 Class is now open

The course is developed by a team of world renowned researchers, speakers, and trainers. This makes the course not only instructive and inspirational, but also evidence based.
The course has been designed so that it can be run and facilitated by Action for Happiness friendly and enthusiastic facilitators (supported by our expert team) who step forward to volunteer and help spread happiness.
The course is donation based available to anyone, no matter their financial circumstances. This demonstrates that we are serious about rolling out this course in a way that helps to create a happier world.
The aim of this course is to bring people together of all backgrounds to explore the issues that matter for a happy and meaningful life.
The aim of this course is to bring people together of all backgrounds to explore the issues that matter for a happy and meaningful life.

8 Weekly Sessions
Of 2,5 Hours Each

Each session follows the same format, which has been designed to be inspiring and interactive, including:

  • Tuning in: simple activities that are great for wellbeing (e.g. mindfulness exercise)
  • Expert view: an inspiring 15-minute TED-style video/talk from a leading expert
  • Personal view: a chance for people to reflect on their own experiences
  • Did you know?: fascinating and surprising research findings relating to the theme
  • Group discussion: sharing ideas in groups and listening to each other’s perspectives
  • Action ideas: everybody comes away with an action they hope to take as a result. 

Great deals of things are very important in life, but how should we decide what really matters to us? This session checks out whether a higher focus on joy and wellbeing might be better for everybody.

A lot of u have learnend form a young age that happiness comes when we  earn more, the question is;  is this true? Or does happiness comes from our situations or our inner mindsets? And can we exualy learn how to be happier?

Life can be difficult. In this session, we’ll explore how to deal successfully with life’s ups and downs and manage adversity. And we’ll look at some abilities which can help us be more durable.

Over the years our thinking as humans has changed, we seek for  individualistic and we’ve become very competitive towards others. Is this our nature, or can we have more compassion for others? 

Making a connection with other people is very important. What is it that impact our relationships and how can we improve our relationships?

Work is a huge part of our lives, but many of us find our work to be demanding and frustrating. Do happier organisations improve results? What makes us happy at work? And what can we do about it?

What does it mean to live well together – and why are some neighborhoods or societies much better than others? In this session you will learn how to develop communities that are more caring, connected and happy.

This session combines everything we have actually covered throughout the course. It intends to inspire each of us to live in a manner in which contributes to a happier world, not just for ourselves but for others too.

A preview of the materials for session 1

"The great thing about Exploring What Matters is that you learn to see for yourself
what happiness mean to you."

“As patron of Action for Happiness I am delighted to see the work being done by members of this movement to create a happier and more caring society.

I wholeheartedly support the ‘Exploring What Matters’ course and hope that many thousands of people will benefit from it and be inspired to take their own action to help create a happier world”

~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The Exploring What Matters Course

To keep the course accessible to the widest range of people, you are asked to make a donation of your choice when you sign up for the course.

We are taking this approach because we truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to be happier and contribute to create a happier world.

At Action for Happiness, we are focused on a world where people are more generous, kinder, and happier.

A world where people discover what really matters in life and start to prioritize happiness in their homes, workplaces, communities and society.

Stichting Action for Happiness Nederland Foundation – sayhello@actionforhappiness.nl – KvK 65305191 – NL68INGB0006 8585 39 –  Stay happy ☺️