The Secret for a Happier Living is Giving

We want to make the Exploring What Matters course available for a greater number of people.

We have had hundreds of people write to us asking if they can run Exploring What Matters for their community. But at the moment, we simply don’t have the resources to support them. If we could say yes to just these volunteers the impact could be huge.

To offer this course we need to provide training for our volunteers and give them tools and materials to run the courses effectively.
We also want to be sure that everyone has the chance to be on the course no matter what their financial circumstances are. Your Pay It Forward ticket can help us do that.   

Thank you for your support.

Asha & the Action for Happiness team


True happiness… is not attained through self-serving, but through being of service to others.

I’ve always believed that if there was ever one positive habit, it is to serve others.

The Action for Happiness team in the Netherlands is grateful beyond words that we’ve been able to raise donations for the causes we believe in and that’s to make the science and wisdom of happiness accessible for a greater number of people.

If you are feeling called to it, please consider a Pay it Forward donation of your choice. Every donation counts towards changing lives.

Thank you for your support.

Asha & the Action for Happiness team

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At Action for Happiness, we are focused on a world where people are more generous, kinder, and happier.

A world where people discover what really matters in life and start to prioritize happiness in their homes, workplaces, communities and society.

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